Civil Engineering Workshops in Coimbatore

Past Workshops happened in Coimbatore

Civil Engineering impacts our lives in a big way. So, practical skills are very important to have for an aspiring Civil Engineer. Prior project experience helps you become productive and proactive!

These are the past workshops organized in Coimbatore on Civil Engineering topics:

07 Apr 2018 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Skyfi Labs Center
17 Mar 2018 Tall Buildings Skyfi Labs Center
24 Feb 2018 Bridge Design Skyfi Labs Center
03 Feb 2018 Construction Project Management Skyfi Labs Center
30 Dec 2017 Bridge Design Skyfi Labs Center
16 Dec 2017 Seismic Design Skyfi Labs Center
11 Dec 2017 Structural and Foundation Analysis Skyfi Labs Center
25 Nov 2017 Applications of GIS Skyfi Labs Center
04 Nov 2017 Survey Camp using Total Station Skyfi Labs Center
14 Oct 2017 Tall Buildings Skyfi Labs Center

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About Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a major industrial city in Tamil Nadu, often likened to being the Manchester or Detroit of Southern India. It's famous for the manufacture of motor pump sets and varied engineering goods Know More..