Summer Training and Internship Program on Survey Camp using Total Station and GPS at NHCE, Bengaluru, Bangalore

23 Jun - 03 Jul, 2014

NHCE, Bengaluru, Bangalore
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A Total Station consists of a theodolite with a built-in distance meter that can measure angles and distances simultaneously. Students are trained on using the Total Stations for surveying, area (plan), longitudinal and traverse profiles & contour map.

Course Benefits:

This course is designed to prepare the students to handle sophisticated survey equipment and to execute large survey projects. Knowledge in using Total Station offers careers in various segments where Total Station finds application like
  • Surveying: Survey and Land records
  • Disaster Management
  • Archaeological Survey
  • And mainly in Civil Construction Companies: Leveling, Road profiling, new roads Cut/Fill calculations, Laying of new railway lines.

Structure of the Workshop

This workshop is split into 4 modules:
  • Lecture: Participants would be introduced various concepts involved in GIS and various methods of data collection using Total Station and GPS along with its interpretations.
  • Practical session using Total Station: Participants will be given hands on experience in using Total Station. They will work in team and perform survey operations using Total Station for a particular area.
  • Practical session using GPS: Participants will move along a specified route to:
    • Take route points at important points so that entire route is available
    • Plot all important landmarks on the route
  • Practical session on CAD: This session would involve CAD based plotting and mapping using data obtained from Total Station and GPS.

Course Content

  • Importance of Total Station in present day life
  • Methodologies adopted and instruments used for surveying in earlier and present days
  • Types of data collection and its manipulation
  • Practical session using Total Station and feature collection
  • Downloading the data from Total Station to computer
  • Adjusting the close traverse in planimetry by Bowditch method
  • Learn how to create Topographic mapping of area
  • GIS mapping (attribute collection at small scale)
  • Connecting the local coordinate system to WGS-84 with UTM
  • Transforming local data to global using affine transformation
  • Projecting your Map on Google Earth

Highlights of the Workshop

  • Introduction to Survey using Total Station and GPS
  • Interactive lecture sessions with good multimedia content
  • Exposure to different types of GIS projects carried out in present day industry
  • Hands on experience in using Total Station
  • Hands on practical session on Plotting and mapping in CAD
  • Topographical Survey using Total Station
  • Good knowledge about surveys using Total Station
  • Career guidance, Counseling and an opportunity to interact with IIT alumni
  • Interview tips to face interviews with confidence
  • Certificate issued from Civil Simplified to all participants
  • Content designed, developed and delivered by IIT Kanpur graduates
  • Entire survey and plotting of maps to be carried out by participants on their own

Online Portal

Participants have access to an exclusive online portal to:

  • View status of registered and attended workshops
  • View study material for workshops
  • Write online exams and receive separate certificates with scores. These certificates with scores will provide students an opportunity to show their learning in job interviews.
  • Analyze their online scores in comparison with other students
  • View analysis of performance of students from across the country


  • Certificate of Participation to all the participants from Civil Simplified and Skyfi Education Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Who should attend?

  • Any Civil Engineering aspirant
  • Looking for career in Civil Engineering
  • Willing to pursue higher studies in Civil Engineering

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