Civil Simplified Winter Training Program

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Civil Simplified Winter Training Program on Structures, Foundation, Project management and Surveying

Engineering the world into a better place takes no break! So why should you take a break in the upcoming winter holidays? It’s just the prefect time to add skill to your learnings from the past semester. With Civil Simplified Winter Training Program you get to work on exciting projects in structural design, project management and surveying. Here’s a detailed overview of these courses available at 13 cities across India.

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Structural and Foundation Analysis

Before handing over any project for construction, structural engineers need to design and analyze the structure for its efficiency and strength. In this course you will do the same by solving structural design problems with the help of industry-grade software.

Structural Design projects

You will start off by designing truss bridge models and selecting the most efficient design which will then be converted into a physical prototype. The bridge prototype is fabricated using Balsa wood (which is famous for its low mass and high strength). Depending on the skill with which you fabricate, your bridge can sustain loads up to 1000 times its own weight!

Next project will be a tall building design project. Your work is to design columns, beams, tension members and structural connections for skyscrapers using software. Using the same software, you'll later analyze the design for its behavior. You will also be required to follow the rules of seismic design such that your building doesn’t falter in case of an earthquake. And finally comes the most critical part of a structure – the foundation where you will understand how to design foundations for various soil types and loads.

At the end of each project, Civil Simplified Engineers will provide insights on how to scale up your designs for the real world. And with discussions based on case studies, you will learn how important design decisions are taken in the industry.

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Construction Project Management

Sensor guided autonomous robots

If you truly love multitasking, you should wear the construction manager’s hat! It is one of the happiest engineering jobs in the World. The reason why construction managers go to work with a smile isn’t just a heavy paycheck, it is the chance to build with a wide range of skilled people. This course on construction project management makes you work on 14 various tasks to manage construction work from start to end.

You will learn how smart construction managers use project management software to handle and supervise a construction project. Our experts will tell you (in a practical way) how to:

  • Think and plan methodically
  • Calculate resources and lay out a schedule
  • Avoid delays and changes in project

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Total Station and GIS

Survey camp using Total Station

Long gone are those days when surveyors measured distances with tapes. In recent decades, land surveying has gained a serious uplift with robotic total stations and geographic information systems (GIS). Project managers now prefer these technologies because it makes surveying relatively quick!

In this training program, we will set up a survey camp where you will measure angles and distances using total station equipment. Before going to the field, Civil Simplified engineers will make sure that you gain the necessary math skills. After you are done with a full-scale survey, you will learn how to map the collected data using GIS software. So if you love fresh air, technology and of course surveying, this course is for you!

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You can attend the Winter Training Program at these cities – Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Kolkata, Mumbai, Vijayawada and Mangalore. If you have any questions regarding the courses, feel free to call us at 1800-200-3855 or write to us at Happy learning this winter!