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Applications of GIS Workshop

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What is this workshop about?

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has predominantly changed how our world is analyzed and modeled. Be it small businesses, multinational companies, agriculture-based companies, educational institutions, or maps guiding a lost individual- GIS finds application in many areas. The rapid growth rate of data poses huge challenge to its interpretation. GIS provides an easy and more efficient way to interpret geospatial data – to create a topographic map with elevation, angles and other features. The Applications of GIS workshop exposes the participants to the concepts and applications of GIS in use for multiple disciplines. Participants will learn to create, edit, visualize, and analyze geospatial information and apply this learning to work on a vast range of projects where GIS technology is used.

Course Outcomes

  • Exposure to different types of GIS projects carried out in present day industry
  • The program involves theoretical sessions, problem solving sessions, design sessions, practical sessions and case studies
  • This workshop helps participants learn technical skills through hands-on learning activities
  • The program is designed to take the participants through the technical concepts involved in Civil Engineering
  • Discussion about implementing the knowledge gained to develop good B.Tech/M.Tech Project

Course Structure and Topics Covered

Course structure

This workshop is split into 2 modules:

  • Lecture: Participants would be taught various concepts involved in GIS and various methods of data collection along with its interpretations.
  • Practical session: This session would involve CAD based plotting and mapping using a given set of data.

Course Content

  • Introduction to GIS through interactive lecture sessions with good multimedia content.
  • Various real life applications of GIS concepts
  • Concepts of land surveying and GPS
  • Types of data collection and its manipulation.
  • Introduction to Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
  • Exposure to industry trends and standards
  • Topographic mapping of area
  • GIS mapping (attribute collection at small scale)
  • Connecting the local coordinate system to WGS-84 with UTM
  • Transformation of local data to global using affine transformation.
  • Projection of Map on Google Earth

Online Portal and Exam:

  • Participants have access to an exclusive portal for rating their performance. This helps them to assess where they stand.
  • Additionally, students can evaluate what they learn by taking an online test, after successful completion of the workshop with a minor additional fee.

Certification & Awards

  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Merit.

Why Civil Simplified?

The Civil Simplified team functions with a motto of addressing the deficits in practical exposure in prevalent civil engineering studies. The team values the importance of civil engineering and hence makes sure that the students understand the right way for approaching complex civil problems.

Also, the instructors follow a student-centered model of education that encourages use of the learning gained for large-scale projects. They persistently work to ensure that the knowledge imparted to the students can be used across all applications possible.


  • Civil Engineering aspirants
  • Students willing to pursue higher studies in Civil Engineering


The way the sessions are carried out, i.e. not only are they interactive, but brainstorming too. It enhances the ability to think out of the box and to come up with innovative ideas. Now I'm confident enough to take up any project in GIS. - Sumana Sahoo. Pune

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