GIS Civil Engineering Workshop

Application of GIS Workshop

  • Learn the real life applications of GIS
  • Learn to build a fully fledged GIS map
  • GPS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry concepts
  • Course duration: 8 hrs
  • Learn from IITians

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  Geographical Information System (GIS) is one of the most sought after branches in today's industry. Irrespective of whether you are in a small business, a multinational company, an agricultural based company or an educational institution, there is an application of GIS in each and every field. The rapid growth rate of data poses huge challenge to its interpretation . GIS provides you an easy and more efficient way to interpret that data. GIS is a multidisciplinary field serving all the sectors of the industry with its applications. This workshop exposes the participants to the overall concept and applications of GIS with multidisciplinary perspective.

    Highlights of the workshop

  • Introduction to GIS through interactive lecture sessions with good multimedia content
  • Hands-on practical session on plotting and mapping in CAD
  • Exposure to different types of GIS projects carried out in present day industry
  • Participants learn about filling budgetary quotations for GIS projects
  • Career guidance, Counseling and an opportunity to interact with IIT alumni
  • Discussion about implementing the knowledge gained to develop good B.Tech/M.Tech Project
  • Interview tips to face interviews with confidence
  • Certificate from Civil Simplified issued to all participants

Workshop structure

This workshop is split into 2 modules

  1. Lecture: Participants would be taught various concepts involved in GIS and various methods of data collection along with its interpretations.
  2. Practical session: This session would involve CAD based plotting and mapping using a given set of data.

    Course Content

  • Importance of GIS in present day life
  • Type of data collection and its manipulation
  • GPS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
  • Exposure to industry trends and standards
  • Basic probability concepts and error analysis
  • Industrial approach, case studies and examples

Who should attend?

Anyone who is

  • An enthusiastic Engineering aspirant
  • Willing to take up projects in GIS
Course Duration: 8 hours

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